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To The Conscious Parent Who Knows That You Can't Leave Parenting Your Kids To Chance:




Empowered Families Aren't Born ... They Are Consciously CREATED!
...one step at a time!

There are 6 Essential Questions Every  Family Needs to Answer to Become Empowered! Read on to See How You Can Follow Our Precision Step-by-Step Process to Take the Hassle & Stress Out of Raising an Empowered Family

With Results Like These:

“Our family life has gone from distant and frustrating, to now connected, empowered and fun" 

"We feel empowered, informed and aligned in our values!"

“We have more connection in our family in 6 weeks than in 2 years of counselling”

It's No Wonder Parents Are RAVING About
Our Unique Approach to Raising Empowered Families!

From: the home of Anthony & Kate Gollé 

Parenting Can Be One Of The Most Stressful Parts Of Life! Especially if you feel like you are winging it and don't really have a plan of what you are doing, right?!
And if you’re like most of the Conscious Parents and Parents To Be we work with, you started a family (or plan to start one) because you wanted to .... 

...not spend all day stressed out! Or comparing yourself to what that impeccably perfect family down the road seem to be doing. But instead create and cherish magic moments with your family by living an intentional life in alignment with your values.

Well, the reality is this:

Whether you have teenagers towering above you, little ones hanging off your ankles, are growing a family, or just feel deep in the thick of mum or dad life ...


Think about it! You don’t just take parenting advice from someone who doesn't have kids, or worse, someone who does, who is drowning in their role as a parent, do you?
NO! Of course not! You want to take inspired action from others already living what you want to create.

Some well-meaning parents assume that just FILLING your calendar and life with things to keep the kids busy and entertained is going to equal harmony in the home. But we have a truth to share with you.

If you’re doing this:

Living a busy and hectic life to keep up with what everyone else is doing doesn't work! 🤮

(Simply putting more activities on your families schedule, hoping that it will bring 'happiness' to the home then... 


I mean... has it worked so far? If you’re like most families who come to start working with us, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because when you’re leaving happiness, joy and fulfilment on the table, sometimes it’s as simple as kneeling and picking it up!

And you will start picking up that joy when you look around at your little (or big) creations and see and feel connection, contentment, and a knowing that you are all learning and growing together with everyones needs feeling heard and met through...

a clear plan to create and raise an empowered family!


Frees up your time so you can spend it on more of the things that bring joy and happiness into your home!

Helps you ditch unrealistic expectations from well-meaning friends, family members, teachers and yourself to 'get it all right'.

Prevents BURNOUT & BREAKDOWN by creating a culture in your home of working through and talking through the tough moments.

Creates a feeling of calm and a knowing that you aren't raising your children by default and reaction, but are deliberate in the choices you make and that they are right for you.

And... it does all of this for you without YOU having to feel like a referee in your own home!



And when you look around at all the empowered parents
and families you currently follow and look up to...

They ALL have a plan for their family that is directly connected to their values in a way that each family member says: 

And if your family members aren’t feeling or saying this, then obviously... they aren't going to be a team player, which will in turn cause more havoc and stress inside your home! 


When families aren't creating connection, they are often creating friction without even knowing it.

They stuff their calendars with lots of activities, often feeling overwhelmed. And if you're doing this, you risk leaving your kids and yourself feeling completely confused and stressed out.

And you already know that an overwhelmed calendar and mind does NOT create compassion and connection.

Or worse! Mistake #2...

When they don’t see the team work, cooperation and connection they want, they just crank up their calendar, creating more stress and worse bribe their kids with treats, screens or experiences to 'get' their love.
That’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket with more water!


Throwing money and things at the PROBLEM doesn’t work! Other struggling parents recognize that their family plan (or lack thereof) is the cause of their low connection and happiness, so they go out and find a pricey councillor to “fix it.”

But the reality is, throwing money at the problem doesn’t make it go away! Not to
mention that no one is going to care for your family more than you! So trying to outsource fixing something that truthfully only you can do, is truly a bandaid solution. 

Don’t you think paying fees of $3,000 plus a year, or even a term, to create that “perfect” child in the 'right school' is just a little too good to be true?

In fact, until you FACE the friction problem (your family, your misaligned values or your calendar has) head on, that problem is never going to go away.

Your kids will just get older and the wedge will get deeper.

And after 14 years of raising our family and 20 years of mentoring others it’s as clear and simple as this:

Putting Your Head In The Sand, Hoping Things Will Get Better when ... 
Isn't going to create the family connections you want! 

You and your family deserve to feel GREAT inside your home.
Listen. You might be killing it in business, running or lifting personal bests, or feeling divinely guided spiritually, but if things aren't flowing inside the place where you can experience your greatest JOY in life, then something is going to BREAK. 

It might not BREAK fast, it could be slow over time. Like your fun and playfulness starts to run out. Your kids stop coming to you for help or advice. Quality time starts to become rare and screens become the way of connection. Your patience wears thin and then you realise you are no where that you thought you would be. 

How else do you expect to gain love, rapport and trust with your kids, if you find yourself tripping up on how you communicate with them?

But if you keep “outsourcing” this important role to an outsider, a teacher, a coach, someone thats not you, your children will never LEARN that you have been through tough times too! So, what happens when ...

You want to set healthy boundaries for your kids, but not crush their free spirits at the same time?

You want the best way to build resilient, free thinking, imaginative children?

What if you were to put the same energy into your family as you were your health or your business or your favorite netflix series? How different would things look in 6-12 weeks from now?

What we know to be true is when you LEARN and MASTER the skills of how to raise empowered children, you take that skill and mindset with you wherever you go!


Looking at the long list of things online you should do with and for your family, you’re probably thinking...

"But who the heck
am I to lead my family like this? "

Well... you’re right! MOST people never read a parenting book in its entirety. But has there ever been a time
where YOU heard and implemented something 

without knowing it all FIRST?

Of course! 

Think about the first time you changed a nappy or folded that pram (that needed a 50 page instruction manual) into the back of the car for the first time.  

Heck!  If it was anything like our first time, it was a disaster! 

But did you give up the first time and tell yourself a story, 'sorry kid, this just isn't for me, I'm out'. 

Of course not!

So, does someone really NEED to read the entire series of best parenting books page-by-page to raise their children well? NO!


We have cut through the FAT and share the absolute need to knows and MUSTS for raising an empowered family. 


Hard-nosed FACTS That
don't want to know about
raising empowered families!



The average child spends 30% of their waking hours
on a screen;being influenced by gosh knows what!
(Australian Institute of Family Studies)


Suicide is the leading cause of death in teens with
1 in 2 young people impacted by suicide.
(Australian Bureau of Statistics)


Programs that empower children with resilience,
resourcefulness and relationships they can seek guidance
from - are the major factors in suicide prevention
(Suicide Prevention Australia).


34% of children report being a victim of cyberbullying


In "modern" families: the average parent spends
just 5 hours face-to-face with their kids per week.

So what’s more important?

...that you follow *EVERYTHING* your mother-in-law, neighbour, friend or frenemy thinks you should do to be a 'good parent'...

OR that you create a vision and a blueprint for your family that has everyone who matters (a.k.a you, your partner and your kids) hearts singing. Where they feel seen, heard and that they matter. Where the week is filled with quality time, laughter and growth. Where it doesn't matter what outsiders are thinking or saying. Where you are trusting your intuition and are confident and deliberate in the choices you are making for your family. 

You want MORE love, connection & fulfilment, not less, right?

The reality is, the longer you keep bending to societies opinions and judgements about what you should and shouldn't do as a parent, the faster your path to burnout, frustration and being busy, but empty will be. 

So, now that you see just how vital the right blueprint is to your family, you may begin to feel the slightly daunting and intimidating task of actually starting to create change...


If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see the
possibility of what it could feel like to raise an empowered family on your terms and how different life could look and feel like, compared to where you are right now ... 

but you’re probably imagining yourself calling a 'family meeting' in the lounge room with set of blank eyes staring at you while you ask yourself,

“Where do I even start?!”

What do I even say? How do I even say it? And how do I make sure I’m not stuffing it up along the way.

It can be so daunting and intimidating that you avoid it looking for other
ways to stay busy and distracted in your family or for your family. And we get it.

But here's a little 'Insider Secret' for you:




You see, just like there is a recipe for your favourite chocolate cake, there is a RECIPE to creating and raising an empowered family. And this recipe consists of 6 key ingredients... or FOUNDATIONS. And if you’re missing even just one section, or foundation, you run the risk of not seeing the true potential of your family unit. 

So, just like a classic riddle:

“How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time”

We can ask a similar question:




There is also a specific ORDER to each of those foundations. PLUS... each foundation must be created the right way!

So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions for each of those foundations?
Imagine if you could follow these steps with paint-by-numbers precision and
simplicity... EVEN if you’ve never consciously put energy into the vision and values of your family before in your life!

No more overwhelm!

No more wondering if you are doing it right!

No more wasting time or money or sleepless nights worrying!

Imagine for just a moment...

..that you had a step-by-step process for creating your unique empowered family vision and  blueprint building out EACH of your essential empowered foundations...

...imagine you could create this in as little as 30 minutes a week...

...In just 6 weeks from RIGHT NOW your family would feel different, there would be less weight on your shoulders and more joy inside your home. 

And you already know once it’s done... it’s done!  Of course,  you would revisit it as family life changed, kids got older, new interests and passions come into the mix. But the foundation is set for your family.

You’d have created a formula, a unique blueprint for your family that works exclusively just for you! 

In fact, we (and our empowered parents) use the exact same family blueprint year after year after year!

Isn’t it great to create something once and it set the wheels in motion for you for

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here.


A POWERFUL Step-by-Step, Values Driven System To Raise Happy, Healthy Wholesome Families...
or Your Money Back!

  • The 6 Pillars To An Empowered Family every conscious parent needs to raise connected, wholesome and happy kids!
  • Your own Unique Family Formula created by you, using our special blueprint for your family to live their highest values!
  • Behind the Scenes Interviews with our children so you can see how we navigate challenge and change with them. 
  • Video Learning Library, Swipe Files and Resources that work so You Have Endless Examples and Inspiration!

...because your growing family (and your future family) deserve to live an empowered life!

It’s time to give your family (and your emotional bank account!) the high-performing makeover it deserves! Just like it’s done for our past families:

Author of 'The Making Of Men' and Founder of the Rites Of Passage Institute



For me a great marker of the impact people have, can be seen in how their children turn out. I have known Kate, Anthony and their three children Zavier, Bodhi and Zara for over 8 years now. Those children literally shine health and vitality from within.

In a time when I see so many of our youth ruled by technology, absent parents and disconnected families, it is a delight to witness firsthand what can happen when children are raised in a family that prioritises health, connection, time and most of all love.

“This is amazing! Anthony & Kate have simplified an area of life that can easily feel daunting. I had several light bulb moments during the training. It’s so beautiful and I’m going to implement straight away. Thank you! 

Mama of 2

“The light within our son is brighter than ever!”

Today my heart is full...

And for this I would like to say a big thank you to Kate and Anthony for their incredible program

Last year our son Lachlan aged 6 started school for the first time but as the year went on our bright, happy and outgoing son started to shrink. He became shy, lacked confidence and by the end of the year would tell me "he is not smart and school is to hard".

This year we started home-schooling and with the help of this incredible program Lachlan and I have been putting in place the things we've learnt.

We have now found our rhythm and I couldn't have been more happier today to hear Lachlan say "I am incredible and I am smart"...this brought me to tears to hear these words today.

The light within Lachlan is brighter than ever and he is so excited to learn now, it's just amazing...

Thank you again”.


“This has forever changed how we approach parenting!”

"Ant and Kate are truly amazing! The Raising Empowered Family course has forever changed how we approach parenting and has helped us understand and embrace the destiny that belongs to us as a family and each of our children, specifically.

We feel more confident as parents and how we face each new challenge. 

We would highly recommend this course for any person who wants to grow in their ability to face life head on with courage and confidence. For any couple who wants to grow in their relationship and have better understanding of each other. And for any family that wants to find that sweet spot where things just seem to go smoothly, where the parents feel freedom and the kids excel in all that they do, finding their true passions and calling. 

Life’s too short, too important and too precious! This time with Ant and Kate and the like-minded community is truly so worth it!"



Each section of the Raising Empowered Families Academy is laid out in order to walk you through the key pillars of creating your Conscious Flow Curriculum.

You will follow short videos and exercises, at your own pace, designed to take the thinking and heavy lifting out of bringing unity, connection and fulfilment into your home! Plus, you’ll get access to live and recorded Q&A sessions, where we are coaching empowered families, just like you, through the implementation of creating their own unique blueprint, planning family adventures and riding the rollercoaster of parenting. Taking away the stress and bringing SIMPLICITY and FUN!

Choosing to work with Ant and Kate was an easy decision. This is a couple that lead with integrity, fully embodying their teachings and not just talking the talk. 

They share the warts and all of how they raise their children and it is their honesty and transparency that shines through as they deliver invaluable content, resources and wisdom. We align with their values and it is evident that their focus on being of service to others and bringing communities together is at the centre of all they do.

Since applying what we have learned inside the academy the difference in how we live life as a family has been incredible.”

Parents of 2

SEE what's waiting for you inside once you join our Academy…

Every great recipe is made up of a list of ingredients... take a cake for example! Forget even one ingredient (like the sugar) and the cake is ruined!

That’s why inside Raising Empowered Families Academy, you won’t just get a to do list of things you need to do. You’ll get step-by-step training and Q&A sessions walking you through exactly how to bring our Academy to LIFE inside your family home, regardless of the ages of your kids, or what your family dynamics look like!

Imagine how much easier and fun it will be inside your home, when you can work through our Academy together, bringing you a deeper level of understanding and trust with each other following our proven recipe!

Below is a Sneak-Peak at ALL 6 Powerful Modules That You’ll Work Through inside Raising Empowered Families Academy:



The 6 Essential Steps To Discovering & Living Your Families Values

Through this first module we help you get crystal clear on that which is most important to you and your family ... who you are and what you stand for to build a strong foundation for your family unit.

We guide you through key processes to create a vision collectively and individually that is aligned for a compelling future. We also teach you how to communicate your values and beliefs respectfully and graciously to those who may have alternate beliefs or opinions to you, to make the transition into a new way of living with excitement and conviction. 


  • Discovering your child's (and your own) highest values and unique learning style, as well as how your family feel appreciated and loved.
  • Along with your guided vision-eering process, each member of your family will have a greater sense of awareness of themselves and each other to move confidently in the direction of their inspired dreams. 
  • Feel the stress dissipate from your body as you go from the problem solving realm ... to superconscious creators, choosing core learning topics that you have consciously selected as the stepping stones towards your compelling future.


You’re not just getting the “recipe,” we're giving you everything
you need to LIVE your families "Life" By Design.


Creation Calendar

Replacing Your Stress Filled weeks And To Do's With Fulfilment, Joy and Your Families Highest Values.

Replace your stress filled weekly "to do" list filled with other peoples demands ... with our "conscious flow curriculum". A unique process we walk you through step-by-step to help each family member create a inspiring week filled with core learning and their highest values.  In this section...

We’ll Reveal the Invisible Stressors Beneath the Surface That Once Removed will Create Harmony In Your Home!

you'll DIscover...

      Implementing your families ideal week and living a life of fulfilment.

      Filling your days with the things that bring you joy,
      connection and fulfilment!
      "EMOTIONAL MASTERY" and how to learn the recipe of being at the 'cause end' of our emotions, rather than reacting by default.
      Where rewards are attached to responsibilities and obligations towards the betterment of the family.



Connected Communication


"It Is Easier To Raise Empowered Children, Than To Repair Broken Men or Women...!"

We share with you strategies to allow your children to flourish, build beautiful relationships with themselves, family, social networks, as well as the earth and all that we share it with.

Raising your children with their own inner confidence. The ability to trust their inner voice and also the ability to communicate their feelings and emotions. 

Think of the devastation a parent feels when they get the call, that their child has taken their life ... or died needlessly in an accident that could have been avoided. This module walks you through how to have the tough conversations ahead of time that ensure you don't get these phone calls.

The skill of values based communication, critical thinking and asking quality questions is fundamental to raising resilient, resourceful children who know how to communicate and ask for help.

It's not the most pleasant topic to talk about, but to live in denial and hope it all works out isn't enough in todays age. We want you to be fully equipped to guide your children through the challenging times inherent with growing up through each milestone.


      Simple-to-follow questions you can ask your children at any at to help the way they think and perceive the world.
      How and when to have those difficult or potentially embarrassing conversations.
      Plus! Get access to our live, real-time conversations empowered families have as examples you can model for your own family.


Abundance Flow

Were you every taught about what money is and how to master it either in school or by your parents? For 99% of the people we speak to - the answer is a resounding NO!! Considering this is an element of life that is what creates more choices for people to live their values at a higher level - it is important that as empowered parents we are conscious about the habits, relationship and beliefs our children have with money.

That’s Why We’ve Included an Entire PROCESS For Children (and parents) on Money Mastery to Implement Strategies NOW that will Create Financial Freedom Futures!

If you can follow directions of the wealthiest people on the planet, you can get your child's entrepreneurial genius working NOW and not be a slave to the banks!


  • Interviews with top property investors, cryptocurrency experts, wealth structure planners (along with many others) to glean insights how your children can be decades ahead of the game of money.
  • Developing key beliefs around finances (and breaking some old limiting beliefs passed through the family) to have an abundance mentality without the association that money equals happiness.
  • Games you can play, key conversations you can have and rituals you can set up at any age to build healthy wealth habits that will empower your children for a lifetime.


Taming Technology

Discovering how to Use Technology and it not Use You. 

Technology comes from the greek word "techne" meaning the art of living. But technology today can be our best friend or worst enemy depending on how we help set up the relationship our children have with it.

Immediate gratification from the dopamine rush children get from screens, gaming, "likes" and followers is a real challenge. Conversely, technology utilised consciously can unleash children gifts and talents, connect them with others on a global scale and if it fits their wealth dynamic, create abundant wealth.

We dedicate this module to helping parents with children at all ages consciously co create boundaries and align screen time with their highest values.

We’ll Reveal the Invisible Ways Technology Can Become An Addition And How To Navigate It As Parents To Empower Your Kids!

you'll discover...

      This isn't just for the kids either! Together deciding on the pro's and con's of screens and technology. Plus how to create a reward:responsibility ratio for thriving screen time. 
      POSTURE -  how to avoid "tech neck" by setting up your families environment (work stations, pillows, beds), as well as the healthy home. 
      Discover a Building Biologists view of the dirty electricity, electromagnetic frequencies and other pitfalls that are inherent with modern homes that your family is being exposed to and how to avoid and reduce it.
      Exploring possibilities of businesses your children can set up online (& offline) to generate wealth through a healthy relationship with technology.



Superconscious Creation

Empowering Your Children To Become The Predominant Creative Force In Their Lives

The greatest lesson we can teach our children is that they are not broken. And to empower them with the mind flow (not mindset which is stuck) that they can create a life they love.

The personal development world presupposes we all have inherent problems! Limiting beliefs, identity crisis ... problems that were created in childhood and we need to spend the rest of our lives fixing, that can result in a never-ending problem solving state through teens and long into adulthood. 

This module gives you the tools to empower your children (and yourself) to tap into our own intuition and superconscious mind for guidance, so we can each move confidently through life with boldness and conviction that we are loved, that we matter and that we can create anything we desire.

you'll DIscover...

      How to teach your children to trust their intuition and live a life of fulfilment - this is the most powerful creation process we have experienced in our life! And we are beyond excited to teach it to you and your children.
      Learn how to honour and respect each as a creative force ... and how to incorporate "the birds and the bee's" chat with your children :)
      The importance, elements and process to the honouring of key milestone throughout our children's lives. 
      Allow your ceiling to become your children's floor by stepping into new beliefs and possibility of what their future can hold regardless of what may have happened in the past.


“This is Great Guys!
...But What IF My Family Are Only Little?!”

This is about the time where you might be saying, “Okay Kate and Ant, but my kids can't even walk yet. Isn't it too early to start thinking about all of this?" NO.

Waiting Until Your Children Are School Age BEFORE You Create a Plan To Raise An Empowered Family is BACKWARDS!

Most parents will spend more time planning to 'get the right car' or on a 'family holiday' than they do on creating a plan to raise an empowered and connected family. Disconnected families waste years trying to “buy their kids affection” with stuff. THEN ... wonder why their kids are more connected to a screen than with their own parents or siblings. Sound familiar?

...but how do you even know what your child innately desires ?!

(there’s a lot of advertising and social media telling you and your child what they THINK they need to be happy and fulfilled, that is creating frustrated, purposeless and empty children)

When you create a values led family first, it’s focused on investing your time, energy and money on what actually matter most to each person!

...and then you create the lifestyle that matches your families values!

Every empowered family we’ve known always starts with values FIRST. If not, it’s an uphill battle trying to convince your kids of something they don’t already want.

"Wait, ANT & KATE! are you saying this ACADEMY doesn't just help create resilient, resourceful children ...
...it's going to help me as a parent, too?!"

Yes. That's EXACTLY what we are saying. 😎

And Check out These Family Success Stories Transformations!

"What we have learned is Life Changing and Empowering!”

My daughter, Talia and I thoroughly enjoyed learning new strategies to improve our relationship. I particularly liked learning about the G.O.L.D.E.N rule. It’s a great conversation starter when we spend time together.

What you learn is life changing and empowering. Ant and Kate are great teachers. You learn lots!”


"We are Truly Grateful"

“Anthony & Kate have watched our children grow for the last 14 years, now 22 and 24 years old. They have had a profound impact on our life and our health. They have been amazing mentors in a whole range of situations, as well as supporting me unconditionally when I have needed advice or help. Their passion to empower families and their wonderful ability to relate to and understand the adventures and challenges of life and parenting means they get to touch and help so many in a grounded, down to earth and approachable way.”


"An Instrumental Piece In Our Conscious Conception & Parenting Journey"

Anthony & Kate have been an instrumental piece in our conscious conception and parenting journey. Their insights around what raising an empowered family looks like is inspiring to say the least.

What I love the most is being able to learn from them by their example, as they live their mission daily, but also their endless amount of resources available to educate yourself.

We have been able to make incredible informed decisions based on our own values and vision for our families future, and we couldn't be more grateful.


New Mama & Online Entrepreneur

See Why Our Coaching Clients Said, "This alone was worth well over $12,000!"

When You Enrol in Raising Empowered Families Academy, You’re Getting The Culmination of a Quarter Century of Travelling the Globe Studying the Longest Lived, Happiest Healthiest People. AND at the Heart of Our Findings Were Empowered Family Units!

Today, the need for families to come together with other empowered families to make empowered communities - to make empowered nations is our life's mission. 

We want to take our message to the masses for the greatest impact in our lifetime. So you can get the same transformational information ... without paying tens of THOUSANDS!

And whether you are a single mum without support, or a blended family with 7 kids - the principles and practicals of this academy are going to apply equally. 

And let’s not just look at your current phase of life ...

...but for every phase of life ... for every child you have!

Because ... your access to Raising Empowered Families Academy is for Lifetime !! No monthly, annual or update fees.

Your family GETS THE BEST of our family ongoing ...

You get to Take Everything You Learn About RAISING AN EMPOWERED FAMILY With You Forever!

And look, the mistake most people make when it comes to raising their families is they think if they just outsource to someone who “knows what they’re doing” that their child is guaranteed to magically be equipped for adulthood. But let us ask you…

If you don’t know what to do or look for when it comes to raising resilient, resourceful children - how will you know if what others are doing with your children actually works?

Sure, you can enrol them into a better school. But after you spend the $6-$15,000+ on fees and uniforms and they are exposed to more expensive drugs and more entitled children, wouldn’t it be safer and smarter to take a more engaged role yourself- at a fraction of the cost?

No one is going to care about your children more than you do!

So that leads us to how much the investment is to enrol into our Academy…

You’re about to learn what we’ve taught our top level Signature Clients about Raising Empowered Families... without the big price tag!

Raising Empowered families Academy is a one time, lifetime access investment.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing we’ve taken out all ALL the risk from investing with our 365 day guarantee!



"The insights and wisdom Kate & Anthony share how to live your happiest, healthiest, most energised life, while raising your family to do the same is so empowering. 

Kate & Anthony are real, raw and share the highs and lows of the journey to help other families on their path, helping us raise our children consciously in a world that dictates otherwise, with a smile on our face, even in those hard moments.
After all the most important assets you will ever have are your family, relationships and vitality."

Mumma of 3

That Lets You Sleep Easily At Night!

The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know that investing time and knowledge into creating a beautiful life with your family will bring fulfilment, connection and a knowing that you have empowered your family with what they need to thrive in life, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt. Hesitation. Risk. We get it. Like…

"Ant and Kate, this sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know this is really what my family needs?”

Well… that’s simple. Try it.

Guarantee #1:

Test-Drive The Academy for 30 Days

When you enroll, you’ll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if for whatever reason… and we mean ANY reason… if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made into creating an empowered environment for your family, simply email simply email our team at [email protected] and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment… no questions asked! Heck! We’ll even let you keep the program! Which means yes! You could totally rip us off here!

Guarantee #2:

365 Days to GET RESULTS!

After you pass your initial 30 days of being blown away by what’s been really missing to create a happy, wholesome and empowered family, We will give you an additional 11 months to put the training into action. If you do not see any positive results from inside our Academy, simply show us that you’ve done the work, and if it ain’t working... we’ll refund your investment!

Why would we do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And we are so convinced of how powerful and transformative this is, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. That’s how much we believe in Raising Empowered Families Academy.

And Because “Gift-Giving” is OUR LOVE Language, We've Got More For YOU:

When You Enrol You’ll Get


(Valued at $2,591)

Designed to Enhance & Amplify Your
Experience with us!



LIVE Q&A Sessions and Hot Seats with Anthony & Kate 


Imagine having a team around you to help you implement and bring to life everything you are learning inside the Academy.  Get unstuck in a matter of minutes during our sessions and maintain your momentum with clarity and confidence.

        NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMITS feel supported, heard and clear on what the next right step is for your family.

        LEARN grow and connect with other families and the experiences they are having.
        ACCESS our Q&A sessions LIVE or submit a question for us to answer and catch the replay at a time that suits you.

“Anthony & Kate are so real and bounce off each other perfectly. I find myself smiling the entire time I listen to them."

"These live sessions have given me the chance to maintain a positive frequency for my family and gain clarity on the next right steps to take for my kids. Learning from the other families has been invaluable too.”




Access To Our Tribal Wellness Online Health Hub

“Finally I have a simple and powerful way to connect with my kids and raise them in our chosen values. It feels amazing!”

“No more being torn by others opinions and feeling worn out by a crazy hectic family schedule and ultimately our kids are so happy. Happy within themselves and happy inside our home.


An Empowered Family is one that is healthy, happy and vital. Which is why we are excited to include access to Tribal Wellness.Consider it like a health retreat from the comfort of your own home.

This online hub has impacted the lives of over 20,000 families globally improving their health and wellbeing and bringing simplicity into the home.

        Access Hundreds Of Family Friendly Wholesome Recipes
        Designed with health and yummy foods for even the fussiest of eaters. Allowing you to introduce more wholesome and less processed foods onto the dinner plate.
        Save HOURS & Skip all the Confusion with our Online Health Masterclasses...
        Access a wide variety of health masterclasses from Detoxing Your Body, Women's Health, Raising Healthy Kids, Boosting Your Immune System Naturally and much more.
        Save TIME and money! With out at home workout guides, meditation, yoga, pilates and health challenges you can participate in. (The Healthy Lunchbox Challenge is our favourite) 


A VIP TICKET To Our 1 Day Raising Empowered Families Summit!


This is a dive-deep immersion event where you get to apply all the principles you have learnt into practicals with other like minded families on the same journey as you. 


  • A full day immersion experience with special guest speakers
  • Breakout workshops where you get to connect with other conscious parents that either live near you, or have children of similar ages or highest values.
  • Group coaching sessions throughout the day to help any specific areas that your family faces challenges with. 


Receive a copy of our best selling book "Raising Healthy Families In Unhealthy Times"


When you join Raising Empowered Families Academy, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to CREATE and raise a family you would be proud to look up too!

Including ...

  • The 6 Pillars To An Empowered Family every conscious parent needs to raise connected, wholesome and happy kids!
  • Video Learning Library Worksheets, Exercises & Examples for you to work through each module.
  • Live Q&A Sessions plus access to our previous Q&A Library, to empower you while you are implementing what you learn.
  • Behind The Scenes Interviews with our children so you can see how we navigate challenge and change with them.
  • Your Own Unique Family Formula created by you, for your family to live their highest values.
  • Connected Communication to help you create a deeper understanding and relationship with each of your family members.
  • Lifetime Access guaranteed, including all upgrades and new additions into the Academy.

And much, much more!




We always think about how grateful we are to have Kate & Anthony in our circle of influence, we’ve always been inspired by the lifestyle and values they embody with their beautiful children but it wasn’t really until we became parents for the first time ourselves we truely appreciated their wealth of knowledge from everything to holistic health, parenting and thinking outside the tradition schooling and health system. We had a few complications throughout our pregnancy journey but with their guidance and resources we were able to navigate a complicated time feeling empowered, informed and aligned with our own values."

Entrepreneurs & New Parents

The Raising Empowered Families "Piece" Most Parents GET COMPLETELY WRONG!

It’s right about this point for struggling parents, that things get a little... awkward.

"Maybe I can just try a little harder from what I've already learnt?" You don’t want to come off as alternate, weird to your kids or out of the norm. So, you slink back into societal pressures to conform.

Maybe you think it's all too hard, you don't have what it takes and you have to try and be everything to your children. And as a result, parents pull back.

When children don't see their parents grow, they learn that it's ok to draw back, take the easy path and settle. In essence, they model your behaviours.

And that’s where most parents simply get the Process ALL Wrong!

Conscious Parenting is NOT about TELLING your children they can grow up to be and do anything they set their minds to ...


Raising Empowered Families Is About One Thing:

Learning And Growing TOGETHER by SHOWING Them.


Think about it! Every great change or transformation you’ve experienced ALWAYS began with a DECISION. Have you ever considered that one of the biggest reasons your family may be struggling with the problems they face is because they have been unwilling to make a decision and BACK that decision with committed action?!

How valuable is it when you can have a simply, well laid out map for you to follow and the obvious choices for you and  your children with the opportunity to CHOOSE? 

And that’s what you’ll need to do as well: Choose.

If you already have a conscious family with deep relationships and resilient, resourceful children...  you need to be celebrating and joining our community of other connected families!

Or, if you currently don’t have the family connection you desire, or you don't have the support and guidance to create that family, then your options are simple:

You can choose to do nothing... and then of course nothing changes. The divide becomes greater over time.

OR you can choose to BE THE CHANGE and break family generational patterns.

You can choose to avoid the topic, burying yourself in work or other parts of life and hope that your family will magically evolve together (it won’t).

OR you get 100% Committed to doing something together!

If you choose the latter, then now is your time to get started!


But CHOOSE Quickly!


For our “inaugural launch” of Raising Empowered Families Academy, we are only offering this 50% discount for a few short days, which means you will never be able to get your hands on this valuable information at such a small investment. Which means there has never been a better time than Right Now to get started!

But if you put this off, what will change? Don’t wait! You can get started today!

Join Now & Create The Empowered Family You Deserve!




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